Monday, February 3, 2014

Love for kids with Albinism

Kids with albinism usually have difference in their skin and hair pigmentation and challenges with their vision such as sensitivity to the sun.  There are currently 7 kids waiting to be chosen for adoption with albinism, so I am going to feature them all today during this week of focus on kids with Sensory Impairments.  These kiddos are listed from youngest to oldest, so please pay attention to the last two who are at risk of aging out if they are not chosen soon!

This is Tayte.  He just turned 5 and is in Asia. More information at

Andrew is also in Asia and is currently 10 years old! Andrew and Tayte each have more than $1500 in their grants on Reeces Rainbow.  More information at
Vanessa will turn 11 this month! More more information about this beautiful girl, please see
Jason is 11 years old.  He has albinism and burn scars on his foot and leg.  Please see more information at
Reid is 12 years old and also lives in Asia.  More info about his is available at

This handsome boy is Wesley!  Unfortunately Wesley is already 13 years old and his time to be chosen for adoption is ticking away.  In Wesley's birth country, children must be adopted before they turn 14 or they are no longer eligible!  Wesley needs to be picked, have his paperwork completed and be legally adopted before his birthday in August of 2014.  Hurry, family, hurry! His info is at

Finally, this handsome boy is Shane and he is in the same boat as Wesley- in danger of aging out from being eligible to be adopted.  His 14th birthday is also in August of 2014.  Please consider him.  Info at

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