Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love for Kids with Spina Bifida

Today's post is about kids with spina bifida, a type of physical impairment.  Spina bifida affects the spinal cord and there is a wide range of daily functioning.  Please consider giving to these kids or adding them to your family.
First up is Twyla! Twyla has a couple obstacles to overcome in the quest to be found by her forever family.  She does not have a photo posted on the advocacy site Reeces Rainbow.  Also, she will age out and be ineligible to be adopted in October of 2014.  Please see beyond these obstacles and read her description at
Next is Aaron!  He lives in Asia and is three years old!  He can crawl and loves to play with stuffed animals.  Please see more information at
Valery has a grant of over $4500 to assist in her adoption.  She is seven years old and lives in Eastern Europe.  She is facing both spina bifida and cerebral palsy and is ready to be chosen by her forever family.  Please read more about her at
Meet Jared!  He is nine years old and currently lives in Asia.  He has post operative spina bifida and is functioning extremely well currently.  Please read lots of details at
Brenden is less than two years old and is available for adoption from a country in Latin America.  He is described as a sweetheart learning to say several words.  Please check him out at
Mercy lives in Eastern Europe and is four years old.  Her diagnoses include spina bifida and a few other physical concerns.  She has a large grant of $4779 to help with her adoption!  Information at

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