Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love for Kids with Hearing Impairments

February is a great month to spread some love to kids who are still waiting to be chosen for adoption! From February 1-7, we will focus on Kids with Sensory Impairments such as hearing issues, vision issues, albinism and autism.  Please see these faces and see if any might be your own child waiting for you!

Here are some Kids who are deaf or have hearing loss or impairments who are currently listed on Reeces Rainbow as available for adoption.
Apollo is  6 year old in Asia with hearing impairment and Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Richard is about 10 and lives in Africa.  He has a hearing impairments and more information is available at
Emma is 8 years old and lives in Asia.  She is deaf. More information here at

Derek is 2 years old and lives in Latin America.  He is suspected to have autism, is missing an ear and is deaf.  More information is available at
Finally, Merida lives is Eastern Europe and is ten years old.  She has hearing loss and cognitive delays. More information is at

There are many more children who are deaf or have hearing impairments available on Reeces Rainbow and other advocacy website.  Consider typing "deaf" "hearing" or "hear" into the search box to find them.

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