Friday, February 28, 2014

Love for Kids with Epilepsy

Wow, it is time for my final post for the month of February about the Other Angels listed on  Just a reminder, all of the kids in this category are eligible to be gifted Love Notes this month.   If you have been given any Love Notes, please redeem them by March 7th .  Today I am focusing on children with epilepsy.  Some of these children are taking medication to control their seizures, but some are in need of medical attention.  All of them need a loving family!
This is Serene, a twelve year old girl who lives in Eastern Europe.  She is social and is especially interested in math class.  If you are seriously interested in adopting Serene, please see her profile at and think about asking for the available video of her.
Clayton and Caleb are three year old twins who live in a different country in Eastern Europe. Someone who met them last year was able to provide a detailed description of both boys.  Please read it and further information at
This is Miko, an eight year old boy who lives in Asia.  He is described as "active" and "outgoing" and is making good progress in  school.  Please read more about Miko and consider adding him to your family. His profile is at

Neil will turn five years old next month and he currently lives in Latin America.  He loves to smile, laugh, and be taken outside.  Neil has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, seizures, and hydrocephalus and needs a family ready to love him and help him to make continued progress in his development.  There is more information at

Elias is three years old and lives in Africa.  He is receiving excellent care where he currently lives, but still needs a chance to find a loving family.  Will someone please consider Elias? More information at
Finally, maybe it is fitting to end the month with this precious one who shares my name- Anne!  She lives in Eastern Europe and just turned six years old.  According to a family that met Anne last year, she can walk, play with a musical toy, and go up stairs with assistance.  Please consider bringing Anne home.  More information at

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