Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Love for Kids with Hepatitis

Today, the featured children have the medical need of hepatitis B or C.  Many of these kids are functioning very well in their current environment, but all could benefit from a loving family.  Are any of them waiting for you?
Danny is 13 years old and lives in Asia.  He is deaf and has hepatitis B.  If Danny is not adopted by the time he turns 14 in August of 2014, he will lose his chance.  Please, please see this precious boy! More information at

Meet Lisa Marie!  She was just recently listed on and she is 11 years old.  Lisa Marie enjoys dancing, literature, jump rope and origami.  Please see more at
Susana lives in Eastern Europe and she is seven years old.  She is described as "a friendly and sociable girl" by someone who has met her.  Perhaps she is your daughter?   More information is at

Elias is now two years old and lives in Eastern Europe (it is likely that this is an older picture).  He has a few other special needs as well and is at a great age to get into a family and start getting the love and help that he needs to thrive.  Please see more at
This is Tadee! She turns 10 years old sometime this month and currently lives in Eastern Europe.  Someone has taken the time to give her a fancy hairstyle in this picture, but she really needs a mom of her own.  Please read more at
Meet Haven, a seven year old living in Eastern Europe.  Haven has several different special needs and is described as "afraid of strangers," so she needs a really special family that is able to help her open up and blossom.  Haven has a grant of over $5000 to help with her adoption.  You can read more at

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