Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love for Kids with Heart Conditions

During the final week of February, I will be highlighting kids waiting for adoption with other special needs that I have not featured yet.  On, an advocacy site for orphans waiting to be matched with their forever families, these are "Other Angels."  There are separate categories for kids with Down Syndrome and kids who are HIV+.  So this week I will feature some kids with medical needs, with rare conditions, or kids who just have not fit into one of my categories so far this month!

Today, I am pleased to introduce some kids who have heart conditions and are waiting to be adopted.  There are many different kinds of heart conditions that affect children and they vary in severity.  Some of these featured kids have had surgery and some have not.
This is Wesley, a 6 year old who lives in Eastern Europe.  Wesley has been available for international adoption for only a year due to the laws in this birth country.  However, he has been waiting long enough and is ready to found by his family.  More information at

Hans is five years old and lives in Asia.  He is described as "an active little boy who loves to talk."  He has already had at least one operation for his heart condition.  Please consider this precious boy.  More information at

Victoria is four years old and lives in Latin America.  Her listed diagnosis is Syndrome C3 which includes " cardiac malformations, cerebellar hypoplasia, and cranial dysmorphism."  Victoria currently lives with a foster family who describe her as "outgoing," "respectful" and "lovable."  Please read more about Victoria at

Meet Cate!  She lives in Eastern Europe and is currently eleven years old.  She is beautiful and needs a family that can see beyond her list of heart conditions to a girl in need of a loving family.  More information is at

Dacey lives in Asia and is currently seven years old.  She is in need of heart surgery soon, but the doctor in her orphanage said that it could not be completed in her home country.  Her fingers and feet are described as blue- please help find her family quickly!  More information at

Finally, these three brothers are known as Hunter (age 9), Forest (age 7) and Ridge (age 5).  Ridge has a heart condition and his brothers have a few other special needs.  There is a grant of almost $2000 to help with their adoption and these brothers must be adopted together.  Please read more about them at

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