Monday, February 17, 2014

Love for Kids with Hydrocephalus

Today our featured kids are listed with hydrocephalus, which is the medical term for extra fluid in parts of the brain.  Some of these children have shunts and other medical treatment, but this is not available to  all of them.  Please consider donating to these kids or adding them to your family.
Meet Andrey! He is nine years old and lives in Asia.  He is described as "active" and "outgoing" and there is lots more information about his development on his profile.

This is Ginny, a five year old who lives in Eastern Europe.  She needs someone to see beyond her list of diagnoses to see their daughter.  More information at

Julius lives in Africa and he was 18 months old when his profile was first posted on Reeces Rainbow.  He is described as sweet, content, and happy.  Please see more at

Darren lives in Eastern Europe and he is almost four years old.  He does not have a shunt and his untreated hydrocephalus seems to be impacting his quality of life.  Please consider him! More information at
Mara is 10 or 11 years old and lives in Eastern Europe.   Someone has met Mara personally and described her as lovable and well behaved.  Please read more about Mara at
Neil is almost 5 years old and lives in Latin America.  He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus and he has had seizures.  Neil has $1000 grant available to help with his adoption and there are pictures of him available for serious inquires.  See more at
Finally, this is Marty who lives in Asia.  Marty is 12 years old and lives in Asia.  His hydrocephalus is considered to be "cured" and he does currently have a blood disorder.  Marty is described as intelligent and helpful.  More information is at

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